Safety Tips Johannesburg In South Africa

Johannesburg has a lot of tension between the citizens because of how the poverty and wealth levels are not shared equally. As a result, Johannesburg has a very high crime rate that takes place day and night. There are plenty of safe areas to go, however every tourist should take some precautions to avoid any problems.

Tourists should be on alert at all times, keeping tight hold of shopping bags, purses and other baggage. The staff at the hotel can provide you with tips for entering particular areas. The biggest thing is to avoid displaying too much wealth. Cell phones should be hidden. Purses should be left inside the hotel room. Carry only what you need around the city in your pockets. When leaving the hotel, use a cheap plastic bag instead of something nice if you must bring something with you when you’re out looking around.

If you are ever confronted by a robber, it’s best not to fight it. Simply hand over your valuables, do not look at the attacked and don’t try to negotiate. There are a lot of different visitors that come to the city every day, however, and most remain trouble-free.

Most of the shopping malls and areas in the business district have security or surveillance cameras, so there is a lower chance for theft or pick pocketing in the day time. As you go anywhere at night, make sure that you take the well lit paths, carry a map and know exactly where you’re going to avoid wandering aimlessly.

There are a few areas that you should avoid at all costs, unless you’re with a guide or a large group. This includes Hillbrow, Yeoville and Berea. There is a lot of crime here and even many locals don’t go into these areas because of safety issues.

Alexandra is another area that is extremely dangerous and very easy to wander into. It is next to the road that takes you from the airport to Sandton. It’s an area that should be avoided at all costs, which is why you need to make sure you use a GPS, maps, or ask a reliable source how to get everywhere you need to go so that you don’t happen into these areas.

Driving around in Johannesburg is relatively safe, though carjacking is still fairly common. The best way to avoid any problems, make sure to keep doors locked and windows rolled up at all times. Should you park in a quiet or secluded area, be careful getting in and out to avoid potential thieves waiting to take your car.

There are plenty of safe places to go in Johannesburg as long as you follow the safety tips. Public transport shouldn’t be used because it’s not safe. As long as you remain in large groups and keep your eyes and ears open, you can have a great trip to Johannesburg.

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