Johannesburg Airport Lounges

There are many airlines that serve Johannesburg Airport and as a result there are a number of lounges available operated either by those companies or others within the two terminals. Lounges can be a great choice for passengers looking to unwind before their flight home, because they offer perks like newspapers, snacks, drinks, children’s play areas, and more.

Lounges available in the domestic travel terminal

Bidvest Premier Lounge: Located after you clear security, this is open from 5am until 9pm each day and provides showers, beverages, food, telephones, televisions, copiers and printers, and more. The entrance fee is about 285 South African Rand (ZAR) (about $19).

Bidvest Sky Lounge: Open from 4.30am through to 8.30pm, this lounge costs about 285 ZAR (about $19) and provides drinks, televisions, printers, telephones, and food and drinks.

SAA VIA Lounge: Also located after the security part of the terminal, this lounge is open from 4.30am until 8pm each day and offers beverages, food, conference rooms, showers and more.

SAA Voyager Platinum Lounge: If you want to use this lounge, it’s open from 6.30am through to 9.30pm every day of the week, and inside you will find a children’s play area, a designated smoking area, showers, food and drinks, televisions and various other perks.

Lounges available in the international travel terminal

Bidvest Premier Lounge: Open 24 hours a day, so you can enjoy its amenities no matter when your flight departs. It’ll cost you roughly 465 ZAR (or $31) to get one-time entry to the lounge, where you can enjoy reading materials, showers, and food and drink options.

SLOW Lounge: Opening at 4.30am and closing at 8pm every day, you’ll get to enjoy snacks and drinks in this lounge, along with conference rooms, televisions, showers and other benefits.

Aspire Lounge: For a fee of about 496 ZAR (roughly $33) you can enjoy time in this lounge, which is open starting at 5.30am and closing at 10pm, offering passengers the usual amenities that you would expect from a lounge such as reading materials, food and drinks, and showers.

Mazhonzha Lounge: To get access to this lounge you’ll have to pay a fee of about 435 ZAR (equivalent to $29) and you’ll get a maximum of four hours to enjoy what it has to offer, which includes magazines, televisions, refreshments, and internet terminals.

SAA Arrivals Lounge: This lounge is before security at the terminal and caters to passengers who want to unwind after landing at the airport. It’s open from 4.30am each day until 12.30pm and provides travelers with magazines, a designated smoking area, showers, and refreshments.

SAA Baobab Premium Class Lounge: You’ll find this lounge, which opens at 4.30am and closes when the last flight departs, on the terminal’s mezzanine level. It offers visitors a children’s play area, newspapers, drinks and food, showers, copiers and printers.

SAA Cycad First Class Lounge: Situated nearby to Gate A7, this lounge opens at 4.30am and it closes around the time of the last daily departures. Inside you will find conference rooms, a designated smoking area, snacks and drinks, televisions and showers.

Shongololo Lounge: Located near to Gates A7 through A18, this lounge costs about 435 ZAR (roughly $29) for four hours and it’s open from 6am until 10pm every day. Inside you will find drinking, food, showers, newspapers, printing and copying machines, televisions and more.

Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse: You can find this terminal on the mezzanine level of the terminal, and it’s open to travelers starting at 4.25pm and ending when the final flight of the day leaves the airport. It has food and drinks, showers, televisions, and internet terminals.

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