Johannesburg Airport Transportation

If you are planning to travel to Johannesburg you are likely to depart from or arrive at the OR Tambo International Airport. This is arguably the busiest airport on the continent as it handles close to thirteen million passengers per year.

Located fourteen miles east of the Johannesburg city center, this international airport has six different terminals. The airport is served by a major carrier and some minor ones, and it serves both domestic and international flights. To travel to and from OR Tambo International Airport you have the options of using a bus, train, taxi, or even a limo.


If you plan to travel by bus from the airport you have the option of using public transportation. This can be found just outside the international and domestic terminals, and it is provided by city buses and informal minibuses.

The Rea Vaya, for instance, is a rapid transit bus that was designed to provide safe, secure, and affordable public transport. In fact the Rea Vaya has dedicated bus lanes and it stops every 500m.


However, if you are not familiar with South Africa it may not be advisable to use public transportation – unless if you have a local who can show you around. Taxis, for example, would be a better option mainly because you will be assured of being dropped off at the front door of your destination.

There are metered taxis that can be easily recognized by their yellow “taxi” lights, and which are usually placed on the roofs of these cars. The Johannesburg airport taxi rank is located just outside the arrivals area. A taxi ride from the airport to Johannesburg takes approximately thirty to forty-five minutes.

Although the locals tend to avoid using metered taxis because they are generally more expensive than the bus services, foreigners may find that metered taxis provide the quickest form of transportation to and from the airport and that their rates are pocket-friendly.


There is now a new rail link from the airport to the suburbs in Sandton and Pretoria, and the train station also offers parking and bus connections. If you therefore want to access the train station at the airport you will find it on the upper level between terminals A&B; all you have to do is to follow the signs.


If you are looking to travel in more comfort then hiring a limo service is the best option. Although this service may be quite pricey it will definitely save you from the fatigue of having to deal with airport congestions and you will also be assured of relaxing all the way to your destination. There are a number of companies at the airport from who visitors can obtain this luxuriant service.

The next time you are in Johannesburg ensure that you choose a transportation option that suits your needs and budget.

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