About Johannesburg

Johannesburg is a city in the northeastern part of South Africa. There are over 3 million people throughout the city, which is broken into a total of five districts. Central Johannesburg, Soweto, Sandton, Randburg, and Roodeport are the districts, with the majority of the residents being the black residents and they predominantly populate Soweto. The white residents amount to only about 500,000 and a smaller number represents the other nationalities and descents that make up the city.

English is the main language spoken around the city, however various African dialects are also spoken. The city, while being South Africa’s economic hub, also has the wealth unevenly distributed, which has caused a significant contrast between rich and poor and there are some of the highest crime rates around the world found throughout areas of the city.

There are plenty of ways to enjoy a perfectly safe vacation to Johannesburg despite the crime rates, as long as precautions are taken. There are many vendors and restaurants throughout the city and the weather all year long is excellent. The winter time rarely sees snow and summers are typically around 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

Johannesburg is also considered one of the greenest cities in the world because of the man made urban forest that has been created in the savannah, containing somewhere around 6 million trees. There are a number of other attractions, including safaris, museums, galleries and much more that makes Johannesburg such an interesting city to visit.

There are car rentals throughout the city, which is one of the best ways to travel. This way anyone can go wherever they want, as long as they know the areas to avoid for crime sake. There are buses and taxis, though foreign people should try to avoid them whenever possible because they are often filled with crime and are very unreliable.

Once in the city, there are a number of shopping places to check out, featuring clothes, jewelry, souvenirs and much more. There are also tours of the city and many other interesting things that can help pass time throughout a vacation. These can be done throughout the year, though the prime time to visit the city is between May and August, as well as the months of November, January and February.

Soccer is extremely popular throughout the city and they have hosted a number of championships. To avoid too many crowds when you book travel, ensure that nothing is in town when you book to avoid crowds and higher costs.

There are also plenty of accommodations throughout Johannesburg, including hostels, hotels and even bed and breakfasts.

Despite some of its problems, many South Africans flock to Johannesburg every year. It’s a great city to visit because of the many things to see and do.

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