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Airports Company South Africa (ACSA)
Private Bag X1
OR Tambo International Airport
South Africa

Airport codes

IATA airport code: JNB
ICAO airport code: FAJS
Accommodation In Johannesburg South Africa

There are many places to stay in Johannesburg, so it will be all about what kind of experience you want and how much you have to spend. There are hostels and backpacker lodges as well as a number of different very elegant and luxurious hotels throughout the city. There are also an abundance of serviced apartments that you can rent for a week or longer if youíre looking for a unique type of accommodation during your stay.

When it comes to budget hotels, there are many different backpacker lodges and hostels that you can take advantage of. Some are located right in the middle of the city while others are closer to some of the malls and even the zoo. Itís important to check out what the sleeping accommodations are as some range from a dorm bed to a full guesthouse. Some of the places include the Zoo Lodge and the Backpackerís Ritz.

There are also a few bed and breakfasts, including Melville Arch and 90 George Avenue. These are very close to bars and restaurants, provide you with breakfast in the morning and are an excellent way to find out about what the locals do and ask questions to ensure your safety throughout your vacation.

If you have a little extra money to stay, there are a number of different mid-range accommodations as well. These will include the various apartments that include a full kitchen, multiple bedrooms as well as a private bath. Many of these are located in Melville, a very safe area of the city for tourists. There is also the Ekaka Guest Farm, where youíll get to enjoy the countryside a little more and have all the amenities of home.

Some of these hotels and accommodations give you access to fitness rooms, swimming pools, wifi and much more. This way you have everything you need without having to wander around Johannesburg looking at where to get these types of things.

There are also many different luxury accommodations which includes chain hotels and boutique hotels. Many of these are located near the airport or in other safe areas. Some of these even include airport transport so that you have a reliable source of transportation from the airport to your accommodations and back.

The Mount Grace Country House & Spa provides you a hotel on the outskirts of the city with a full spa menu to relax with while the Highland View Executive Guesthouse provides you with a full suite, a private entrance and a gorgeous garden.

Regardless of your budget or what youíre interested in having in your accommodations, there is something to suit everyone throughout the city and slightly beyond. This way you get everything you need to enjoy your vacation in spectacular fashion.

Johannesburg Accommodation